Tenacious Tape™ Patches

    Permanent equipment Repair Without the Sticky Mess   

    McNett Tenacious Tape™ Patches repair rips, holes and gashes in almost all of your watersports equipment. It stays put no matter what mother nature dishes out and leaves no sticky mess. The precut repair tape patches come in both black and clear, so you can match your fabric for nearly-invisible repairs.

    Toss Tenacious Tape in your watersports equipment kit, camping kit, or bug out bag for a little extra peace of mind. Repair camping equipment, sleeping bags and pads, tents, clothing, vinyl rafts, down jackets – whatever needs a quick patch, so you can stay outside.

    • Clean adhesive technology
    • Strong, washable and long lasting
    • Made from high-quality tent fabric
    • Easy to carry in the field

    Ideal for:

    • Camping equipment
    • Sleeping pad repair
    • Tent repair
    • Fabric repair
    • Jacket repair
    • Nylon
    • Vinyl
    • Plastic
    • Netting
    • Breathable fabrics

    Patch Kit Includes:

    • 3 Clear 7.6 cm Patches
    • 1 Black 7.6 cm Patches





    Seam Grip® permanently repairs common pinholes and tears in your outerwear. Apply just enough Seam Grip to cover the hole and spread  6 mm beyond. Allow to dry level overnight. For 2-4 hour cure time, mix Seam Grip with Cotol-240™plus before applying.




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