Tenacious™ Mosquito Net Repair Kit

    Suitable for instant emergency repairs to all types of mosquito nets, tent fly walls and house fly screens etc. The clear tape ring and the mosquito mesh patch will cover any small hole or tear up to 7cm. Just position the mesh, then peel and stick the tape ring – voilà! The tape ring contains a powerful adhesive backing to ensure a good bond to the net but the ring is also removable without residue.



    • Suitable for instant emergency repairs to all types of mosquito nets, tent fly walls and house fly screens etc.
    • Prevents spread of net damage
    • Ensures continued protection against biting insects
    • Professional almost transparent repair
    • Lightweight and compact – easily fits into any backpack or pocket etc.
    • Kit contains three transparent 7,6 cm diameter Tenacious™ Tape adhesive repair rings and two 6,3 cm  diameter mosquito mesh patches suitable to cover any small hole or tear up to 7 cm.
    • Pack contents suitable for up to two separate repairs
    • User friendly, residue free and easy to use at home or in the field,    just peel and stick.

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    1) Lay one Tenacious ring on a firm flat surface (e.g. back of product packaging) then carefully remove half of the backing paper leaving the adhesive side face up. Tip: Moistening fingers with water prior to handling the adhesive rings will reduce risk of creasing or damage to the rings. Even when damp, the adhesive rings will bond to the mosquito net and the adhesion will continue to improve over a short period of time. Otherwise, to help prevent damage or creasing of the adhesive ring, avoid direct finger contact with the adhesive surface.

    2) Carefully centre and gently place half of the mosquito mesh patch onto the exposed adhesive half of the Tenacious ring.

    3) Keep on flat surface and carefully remove 2nd part of the adhesive backing paper then apply light fingertip pressure to the mosquito mesh so that it is firmly bonded centrally to the complete Tenacious ring.

    Optionally to ensure a tack free repair, sprinkle powder or fine sand etc onto the reverse side of the adhesive repair. Alternatively, apply a second Tenacious adhesive ring to the opposite side of the repaired net ensuring it is applied and bonded directly opposite the first Tenacious ring. This will also help to strengthen the repair.

    Tenacious Repair Manual Illustration


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