OUTGO™ Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel

    Packs incredibly small! Lightweight, super absorbent and McNett Outgo 3Towel_newcolour2012_hires_clp__rgbfast drying. Ideal for swimming, sports, camping, travel, etc. OUTGO™ Advanced Microfiber towels provide full-size towel performance in an ultra small package. The super soft fabric has an enhanced capillary action, absorbing up to 5 times its weight while still drying quickly. Towels contain no silicone or other chemical treatments so softness and water absorption properties cannot be washed out. OUTGO becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash! Gently removes oil, dirt and perspiration from hands, face and body. Advanced Microfiber weave leaves no dust or lint on eyewear, binoculars, scopes and optical lenses. Also great for cleaning fine furniture. The handy carry bag has a zipped mesh front for air ventilation and zipped back pocket for maps, coins and keys etc.

    • Lightweight, highly compact & durable
    • Absorbs 5 times its weight in water
    • Dries faster than standard towels
    • Towel includes snap loop attachment
    • Multifunctional – use as a blanket, bandana, cleaning cloth, sling or an absorbent wrap
    • Designed for mobility– easy to pack
    • Easy care – machine or hand washable

    Medium = 51cm x 102cm Large = 77cm x 128cm Extra Large = 90cm x 157cm


    CARE: Machine or hand wash in warm water. Do not bleach or use fabric softeners. Hand wring and hang to dry or machine dry at low heat.  
    I took this towel backpacking through Costa Rica and Panama for 2 months, and it never disappointed. It’s both pleasant to use and extremely effective. It’s soft to the touch, with an almost velvety feel, and is ultra-absorbent. When done using it, you can ring it out to a point where it’s barely damp and then throw over a tree or bed post to finish drying. Even in the humid tropical weather, it dried out easily. The feature that really sets this towel apart for me, is that you can throw it down on a patch of weeds, sticks, dirt, dead leaves, molding logs, anything, and when you’re done, pick it up and shake it off. Everything falls off immediately. Nothing gets caught in the fibers of the towel. I also found myself using the towel as a surprisingly warm throw blanket when it got cold in the evenings around the camp fire. Chelsea on January 28, 2014   Took the Large and XLarge towels to the field with me on a long term exercise (4+ months). Awesome product that exceeds expectations on performance with a limited ability to wash the towel. Soaks up water superbly and quickly dries without odor. I prefer the microfiber to the terry towels, I think that the microfiber drys better, but be warned, it feels just like drying yourself with a shammy – but your guaranteed not to suffer from water spots. I used the Large towel to wrap my hair after a shower and the XLarge as a body towel. The towels soak up the water like a sponge and are soft to the touch. I have long thick hair that takes over 6 hours to air dry. Using this towel on my hair shortens my air-dry time to 1 hours, incredible. The hair towel ends up soaked but dries quickly – and without any mildew smell, there is no comparison between this and a standard towel, for outdoor activities this product far exceeds any expectations. I look forward to trying your other products and your printed towels are adorable. Lisa D., January 30, 2014

    When traveling in Europe, it’s best not to take things for granted, like the place you’re staying having towels to use. Most hotels and B&B’s will, but places like Eurocamp or similar expect you to bring your own. On a motorcycle, there is no room for nice, fluffy towels, so pick yourself up a couple of microfiber travel towels. I bought some McNettt “Outgo” towels, size XL. They take the water off of you like a chamois cloth and dry super fast. There is a loop in one corner, so you can hang it to dry, and the storage pouch has netting, so if you have to pack it wet, it won’t mildew. They pack super flat and weigh almost nothing. These towels can even double as blankets, if need be. A handy piece of kit when touring on two wheels. Sean Burch on June 08, 2014


    Paddlesports Tip

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    Rebonding Soles

    Use Freesole® to permanently re-bond a peeling boot sole. First remove loose dirt and debris and then clean the area with rubbing alcohol and a stiff brush. Apply Freesole to the sole evenly.  


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