OUTGO™ Microfiber Terry Towel

    The Microfiber Towel with a Traditional Terry Towel Outgo_TERRY-blue_webFeel

    Our microfiber terry towels have incredible water absorption properties yet still pack down small to store in equipment bags and rucksacks. Utilizing a microfiber fabric with a unique terry texture (micro-terry), its remarkably soft material dries much quicker than standard towels. With an antimicrobial silver treatment that helps prevent odours and a mesh lined toiletry bag featuring wet/dry storage, this isn’t your typical terry towel.


    • Microfiber towel with a traditional terry texture (micro-terry)
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Absorbent towel soaks up large volumes of liquid
    • Dries faster than standard issue towels
    • Antimicrobial silver ions inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria
    • Snap loop with enlarged name tag attaches to clothing or equipment
    • A perfect accessory for your backpack, boat, car or camping equipment
    • Can serve as a wind block, sun shade, sling, chamois, absorbent wrap, blanket
    • Included mesh lined toiletry bag features wet/dry storage and quiet zips
    • Micro-terry towel exfoliates skin
    • Includes two retention straps to secure towel, gear or clothing


    Available in deep blue

    Large: 77 cm x 128 cm, Deep Blue

    Extra Large: 90 cm x 157 cm, Deep Blue


    CARE: Machine or hand wash in warm water. Do not bleach or use fabric softeners. Hand wring and hang to dry or machine dry at low heat.


    The Micro-Terry feels very nice to the touch when dry, but even after several washings it does not absorb anywhere near as well on a first pass as the other tactical towels on this site, i.e. the smooth, chamois-like ones. It’s either something with the material or the nubby texture. This does make a nice neck roll pillow and comfortable cover-up after bathing, but I can’t recommend it as your only field towel.

    BZ on February 08, 2014




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