Camo Form® Self – Cling Camouflage Wrap

    Camo Form® by McNett® is a self-adhering, camouflage wrap that is reusable and leaves no sticky residue when removed.Desert clip

    Use it on weapons, scopes, knives, tree stands, torches – whatever you’re taking into the field.

    Camo Form stretches and sticks to itself even in wet weather, and conforms to any shape for a custom fit.

    The heavy-duty fabric not only protects and conceals tactical equipment, it also adds grip, insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces and quietens clanking objects.

    When it gets dirty or wet, simply remove, wash, let dry and reapply.

    1 unstretched roll = 5.1 cm wide and 366 cm Long.


    • Conforms to any object – weapons, knife handles, scopes, binoculars, telephoto lenses, torches, sheaths, ammo clips etc.
    • Reduces equipment noise & glare. Protects from sand, dirt, scratches & dust etc.
    • Insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces
    • Improves grip even when wet
    • Weatherproof adhesion not affected by rain or immersion in water
    • Adhesive free, clings to itself
    • Heavy-duty fabric is washable and reusable
    • Easy to cut
    • Camo wrap will not leave a sticky residue when removed
    • “Unstretched” Roll 5 cm wide × 366 cm long. ” Stretched” approximately 20% longer
    • Available in traditional and digital camo Patterns:


    • Universal Digital
    • Digital Woodland
    • Mossy Oak Break-Up®
    • MultiCam®
    • Digital Desert
    • Standart Desert
    • Mossy Oak Shadow Grass®
    • Mossy Oak Obsession®
    • Kryptek™ Highlander



    Aaron Nicholls, February 2014

    I purchased a few rolls of Camo Form after looking for an alternative to having my precision rifle custom painted in digital camo. I am extremely impressed with the quality, feel, how easy it is to use, and the value that Camo Form offers!

    I had my rifle wrapped up in less than 5 minutes and was able to apply it to the legs of my bi-pod, my scope, and even my bolt handle!

    I love that I can take it off, apply a different pattern, use it multiple times, and remove it if I want to without having to worry about any residue all while knowing that it is protecting my rifle at the same time!

    I can’t thank the makers of Camo Form enough for providing such an amazing product offered at such a great price. The money I saved over having my rifle painted is huge!

    I highly recommend giving this stuff a try, I am sure you will be next in line to write a review telling everyone how great this stuff is!!


    Shannon Pingston, September 2014

    I have attended just about every type of training the military and civilian world has to offer and have seen man products that work ok or barely get the job done.

    Camo form surpasses all of these products whether it be sub zero temps or 120 degrees and using suppressive fire and even multiple 30 round mag dumps and camo form doesn’t even flinch.

    Rarely do I find a product that actually does everything you want & need of it but this is a product that I believe in so try a roll out and see what I’m talking about you won’t be sorry.


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